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Our playlist. Some of the companies and brands for which we have either created the central brand websites or developed software.

It's 2023

Videos are all around

"Videos are big." Firstly, this is not always true and secondly, this will no longer be an issue in 2023. Videos are proven to be the most engaging form of content. We all consume them for hours on end at high data rates and high quality. YouTube, Twitch, Prime Video, Netflix, Tiktok. Videos are everywhere and should definitely be a central component of every website. Two-thirds of global internet traffic is video consumption. So the question is rather where the videos should come from, because video production is very expensive and time-consuming. Not with Turbine. We produce videos for you with Turbine. With Turbine, it takes as long to produce 100 videos as it did to produce just one.

"Websites today almost all look the same. Always the same animations. Always the same typography. Such standard sites have nothing to do with branding and appeal. You can learn the rules of design, but you can't learn to be creative." Kai Clausnitzer, CEO ramraver interactive AG


We are experts in the fields of experience design, digital innovation, branding, website and software development.

A realistic offer for your website

We calculate realistically. This leads to a good result and long-term customer relationships.

Easy procedure

We have organized our processes functionally. Similar to a common software development paradigm. This significantly reduces synchronization losses.

Numerous awards

Our websites have received numerous awards and have been part of museum exhibitions. We are proud to be represented in the first "The Webdesign Index".

Turbine Software

Turbine is ramraver interactive's software for video production in seconds. We have developed it over the last few years and have just kicked off marketing.

Coded Animations vs. Video

Videos achieve the same effect as coded animations, but in contrast they are very easy to update and replace and work predictably the same everywhere. Turbine works practically like a CMS for videos.

We are a member of "The Webdesign Index, 1st edition", ramraver interactive

Medium speed tracking shot - Turbine animation

Turbine Software by ramraver interactive

Videos in seconds

ramraver Turbine

With our Turbine software, you can create professional videos for any purpose in seconds. All videos and animations on this website were made with Turbine and we also produce the videos for your website with Turbine.

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Our machines are waiting to build your website

All animations on this website have been made with turbine software by ramraver interactive.

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