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Turbine Director. Defined tracking shots or free 'Steadycam'.

Direct the action

Turbine Director puts you in full control of the action. Perform camera moves, adjust them in seconds, access your own videos for playback on the set screens, adjust the 3D projection of set components, or hide parts of the set. Control the camera using predefined or custom camera moves or use the manual 'Steadycam' control directly in the studio or with a joystick or controller to create a more human effect.

Info: It only takes a few seconds to create a new predefined camera movement. And at the end you can save the setup of your custom turbine director deck.

One single license

Only one license - as many videos as you want also for the ones you create for your customers. We also offer a 30-days money-back guarantee.

Money-back guarantee

We give you the time to get to know Turbine in a stress free way with our 30 days money back guarantee.

Fully customizable

The vfx studios are customizable. Exchange the background and show your own videos on the screens while animating the set.

Blazingly fast

Extremely fast production within seconds to the finished video.

'Handycam' control

'Handycam' control for a personal and less technical feel (with trackpoint in the Studio app or joystick/controller).

'No stock'

'No stock' and still after seconds the finished video exactly as you want it to be.

"It has an incredible effect on the creative process to play around and see the result live. Very soon you start thinking different. It's a new kind of creative process that gets to the end result much faster than anything else."
Kai Clausnitzer, CEO ramraver interactive

medium paced tracking shot

Set Previews.

Images/Videos replaceable

Free camera movement

All objects hideable

3D Projection customizable

Shadows configurable

ramraver interactive services

Made just for you

If you need a specialized studio, ramraver interactive services is the right place for you. We'll help you harness the power of Turbine for your video creation workflow by creating a dedicated studio tailored to your organization's needs. After that, you'll be able to create 100 individual videos in the time it now takes you to create a single video. Pricing for a specialized studio starts at $1000. Contact us for more information.

visit ramraver interactive services

'Steadycam' manual camera control

Creating mood through camera work.

fast camera movement

medium paced camera movement

slow pan

camera control with manual 'Steadycam'

A fast moving camera is highly dynamic but may
be challenging in a large video.

Manual camera control gives a video a human
touch. The viewer can see, that the camera
is controlled by hand.

Camera work

Capturing the message

It's no secret that the camera work in a Hollywood film can make the difference between success and failure. There is even an "Oscar" for best cinematography. And there's a good reason for that. Turbine gives you the tools to transfer this fact to video production: with predefined camera movements at different speeds, with your own customized camera movements or with manual 'steadycam' camera control. And the fact that you can see the result in real time fires up the creative process.

Turbine Optical Zoom

Left side: Crop taken from a 14 MB 3840x2160 image.

Right side: Image taken from a 5 second 0.5 MB 1920x1080 turbine video (800 Kbps) with a 7680x4320 image placed in the turbine set and zoomed in to fit the crop.

Optical Zoom

Reveal more detail

With Turbine 'Optical Zoom'  a 0.5 MB video can expose more detail than a 14 MB image. Take a 40 MB+ image and place it on a set screen in turbine. Make a 5 second video with a low bitrate like 800 Kbps. Zoom in to 400+ percent while you show the details. Even with this compression there is much more detail in the 0.5 MB video than in the 14 MB image.

4K image placed on a Turbine Set screen. Video captured at 1080p @800Kbps. Camera control with 'Steadycam' function.

All animations on this website have been made with turbine software by ramraver interactive.

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